Who is outdoorpals for?

outdoorpals is for anyone over the age of 18 who is looking for new adventure buddies! It doesn’t matter your outdoor skills or experience, outdoorpals is a place for you to find a community. You can try new activities, mentor people into the things you're passionate about, or just connect with other similar people. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, race, or background; we want you to be involved!

Why use an app to make outdoor friends?

Making friends with the same interests as you can be difficult. Personally facing this problem is what spurred us to create outdoorpals. The outdoorpals app is a great way to connect with other adventurers whether you just moved to a new city, are looking to try new things, or are getting back into the outdoors. Technology can be a great way to broaden the opportunities you have to meet new people.

I’m new to most outdoor activities, is outdoorpals for me?

Yes! outdoorpals is for everyone! One of the main purposes of the app is to help connect newcomers with mentors to help them get into new activities; just make sure you accurately represent your proficiency in each activity. Plenty of people are more than willing to mentor and adventure with beginners if it means they’ll have someone to go with in the future.

When is outdoorpals launching?

outdoorpals will go live in early 2021. If you would like to get involved early and get a sneak peak of the app, sign up for our beta launch.

What activities are supported by outdoorpals?

outdoorpals will initially support 30 different activities. As outdoorpals continues to grow we will take feedback from the outdoorpals community to add new sports that best fit the needs of our community. You can always reach out with questions and feedback through the “Help” page under settings.

Can I participate in activities with individuals who have different skill levels than me?

Yes! When you add activities to your outdoorpals profile you are given the chance to honestly declare your skill level for each of your activities. This way when others are reviewing your profile before an event, they can determine if you are a good fit. Each event will specify the required skill level of the participants. For example, an expert climber can host or participate in beginner climbing events and help mentor newcomers. Always remember to honestly share your skill level to keep yourself and others safe.

How can I be safe while meeting up with new people?

Safety is very important when meeting new people. There are a number of safety features in the app that set us apart. Much of this is through how the event host can accept or deny people joining the activity, limiting who can see an event’s specific details, and the event’s private group chat. You can also give feedback or report users through the app. For other tips on how to meet people safely, please see our Safety Tips page.

Is outdoorpals free or does it cost money?

outdoorpals has a free version and a paid version. Our goal is to connect as many people as possible in the outdoors, so the paid version will be a cheap subscription. Each new user will have a free month trial of the paid version to determine if it makes sense for them or not. Differences between the free and paid versions will relate to event search radius and connecting with events outside your network. If the cost of outdoorpals is a concern for you, you can sign up for the beta version and receive a free lifetime subscription to outdoorpals.

Once I join an event, how do I communicate with the other people in it?

When you are accepted into an event, you are automatically joined into a private group chat with the other participants. This is the best way to communicate with everyone else and to discuss the details of the event. For everyone’s safety, we encourage you to keep your messaging through the app rather than giving out your phone number before meeting the other participants.

Is there a way to have a female only event?

Every event has a details section where you can outline more information about the event, such as it being a females only event. Additionally, if you are the event host you have the opportunity to review the profiles of all interested people prior to accepting them into the event. This allows you to filter through potential participants.

Will I be able to post my events where only my friends can see it?

Yes! Events can be posted to your own network or publicly. Invite your friends to the app so that you can connect with them and build your network for sharing using the private network setting. Remember during the event creation process you will have the opportunity to send the activity listing directly to one or more friends within the app, through Facebook, or your phone contacts to encourage them to join your planned event and the outdoorpals community.

There aren’t a lot of people using outdoorpals in my area, what can I do?

We understand that the user experience is tied to the number of people on the app in your area, and it will take some time to grow it nationwide. We encourage you to share outdoorpals with your friends and people you meet. That's the best way to get more people involved. We encourage you to help build the network in your area so that you and others can enjoy the benefits of having a bigger community. Being active on outdoorpals will also help others want to use it. Don’t underestimate the influence you have with others! There are still going to be other opportunities to meet people with similar outdoor interests, so encourage them to download outdoorpals and help build the community in your area.

I had a bad experience with an activity or person, is there a way I can give feedback about it?

Yes, one of our safety features is the ability to provide feedback on the other participants. Please help us keep the community safe by providing accurate feedback. This is reflected on their profile so others can assess meeting up with other users. In addition to this, there is a “Report User” feature if you see a person not following our Terms of Service. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable in the outdoorpals community, so please do your part to be a positive member of the community.

Frequently Asked Questions