4 Ways to Stay Busy in the Winter without being Outside

For many people, winter is a season where people who hate the cold feel stuck indoors. For these people, winters are tough and then when you add COVID restrictions it can be even harder to stay busy and healthy. So what are some things that you can do to stay busy and active? Today we'll explore 4 things you can do this winter.

Get into yoga

When it comes to the ultimate at home activity, yoga is one of the best. Yoga can be done with minimal or no additional equipment and there are tons of resources available for learning. Whether its Youtube or a subscription, there are a lot of quality teachers out there to guide people through different routines for all levels. There are also a lot of benefits from yoga that extend beyond its physical benefits. I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from doing some more yoga in 2021. Our recommendation is to start with beginner courses and slowly build your flexibility, strength, and balance. Yoga should push you but it shouldn't feel impossible. If you are trying to do things that are above your abilities, yoga can quickly become discouraging. Focus on your breathing and staying centered during your practice and it will quickly become addicting (in the good way). Depending on local guidelines and your health, yoga is something that can be shared with a couple friends for a fun get together.

Try out Gym Climbing

Indoor rock gyms are a good place to stay active during the winter months. Most are open with precautions right now, so make sure you know what they are before you try to go. Gym climbing is a great form of exercise where you can do a lot of training in a pretty short amount of time. Many gyms also provide weights, exercise equipment, and other gym amenities so they can be a multi-use facility for you. Gym glimbing is very accessible to people of all skill/experience levels and have programs to help people learn the sport. Gym climbing has boomed in popularity over the last decade and is quickly becoming a mainstream form of exercise. Similar to yoga, climbing has lots of benefits beyond just exercise. These range from confronting fears, developing mindful breathing, to improving balance and coordination.

Try out Parkour

Parkour is probably something you don't think of as an activity for the winter. However, many parkour/gymnastics exist and are open for people to come and practice parkour. In addition to this, when there is a warm, sunny day its a great way to get outside and have some fun. With parkour we highly recommend that you get involved in a class/group to learn to do it safely. There are many organizations or people that can help with this (stay tuned for an upcoming blog post about parkour!). Parkour is actually a safe activity (despite the crazy videos you may have seen) and is accessible for all kinds of people from every background. Something as simple as a playground, wall, or railing can become and engaging challenge as you learn to move your body in efficient and fun ways. If you've got nothing else to do, give parkour a shot!

Build your Strength for Spring/Summer

For people that are looking forward to some high level objectives, winter is an excellent time to build your fitness foundation to achieve your goals for the year. An excellent book with training plans that can help you develop a training plan is Training for the New Aplinism. Though it is specifically designed for various mountain activities, I've used its principles and training plan to help me prepare for other things like ultramarathons. The winter can be a good time to hunker down and get in the gym to build your strength. This doesn't mean that you just need to bulk up or hit a new bench press max, you can also utilize it for functional/bodyweight workouts as well. Do what is going to be useful to you and help you achieve your goals. Going some place, having a routine, and training with others will help you stick with it even if the gym isn't your favorite place. Personally, the winter is about the only time I do much in the gym since I'd rather be outside for my exercise.

Regardless of what you're doing to stay active, we at outdoorpals encourage everyone to stay healthy and engaged in recreation. Experiences are best done together and we know that we are all much more likely to stay involved if we have friends to adventure with. If you're looking for friends to do the above activities with, check out outdoorpals Instagram and sign up for the beta!