Ideas for Your 2021 Outdoor Resolutions

Here’s a short one to help you brainstorm some ideas and set a 2021Outdoor Resolution (kind of like a New Year’s resolution but for the outdoors) #outdoorresolution:

1. Learn a new sport

There’s no time like the present to try something you’ve always wanted to do. Is it rock climbing? Sailing? Paragliding? The world is your oyster! Step out of your comfort zone and take the first step to learning that sport you’ve always wanted to try. Need help figuring out where to start? Here are some tips:

  • Find local classes and guides who can help you learn the basics

  • Utilize online resources and videos for tips and small pointers

  • Meet new people who can help provide real world experience

  • Start small and work your way up

outdoorpals is a great resource for beginners to learn a new activity by making friends and finding mentors who are experienced in a sport and can teach you the “tricks of the trade”. Want to chat more about how to get into a specific activity? Email us at, or DM us on Instagram (@getoutdoorpals) we’re here to help 😊

2. Tackle an outdoor objective

Set your sights on an outdoor objective… and commit to doing it! It can be as big or little as you’d like. You can: climb a mountain, run five miles, catch a ten-inch brown trout, surf a 20-foot wave. It’s up to you! Set your objective now, prepare accordingly, and if you need to, start small. If your objective is to bike a quite popular, and rather difficult 34.1-mile singletrack in Southern Utah (any guesses here?) this summer, I would suggest some warm-up laps first and work your way up. Nobody is stopping you from achieving your wildest dreams, just pick your target and get to work!

3. Give back to the environment

Now this is an interesting one. An Outdoor Resolution doesn’t need to be solely about the things that we do in the outdoors… it can be about the outdoors itself. Plant a tree! Hug a tree! Take a picture of a tree (and add a nice filter before you post it on Instagram)! But seriously, there are plenty of things that we can do to help preserve the beautiful landscape that many of us consider our second home. Here are some suggestions to get the juices flowing:

  • Reduce your waste (consider using a reusable water bottle, or riding a bike to the store)

  • Conserve resources (maybe cut back on those 45-minute showers)

  • Volunteer (there are plenty of non-profits and local community groups that could use your help)

  • Be an advocate!

4. Get outside!

Need we say more? If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that 2021 could be full of more unpredictable twists and hidden surprises. When s**t hits the fan, it’s always great to get outside and breathe. An Outdoor Resolution doesn’t need to be anything more than just committing to getting outside more often and reminding ourselves of the bigger picture.

Need help connecting with the outdoors or setting your 2021 Outdoor Resolution? Email us at or DM us on Instagram! We're here to help!