4 Ways to Stay Active This Fall

The leaves have changed and the days are getting shorter. Summer's warmth has faded to crisp autumn days. Many avid skiers, snowboarders, and ice climbers are impatiently waiting for winter to truly arrive while the paddleboarders, kite-surfers, and sailors are watching their tans fade away. Fall is a great time of year with many perks (apple cider, flannels, pumpkin pie…) but it can be difficult for people as they look for new activities to keep themselves outdoors and active. So here are some ideas to keep you active during this season.

Head outside for some rock climbing

“Sending temps” is a real thing and fall is a great time to venture outside for some climbing. Both newcomers and hardcore climbers can appreciate a nice fall day at the crag. On cooler days, try to pick walls that are south/southwest facing for warmer temperatures. Crowds are often down at some busier locations so it may not be a bad time to visit some classic, easily accessible crags. For the ice climbers out there, fall is also a good time to do some mixed climbing to get ready for the winter. Pro tip, bringing some hot drinks in a thermos always feels good after a fall send.

Run the trails

There may not be a better time to get into trail running than the fall. Traffic on trails has usually decreased, the cooler temperatures feel great, and the trails are usually dry. Most mountain trails won’t have snow on them yet and will be much drier and accessible than in the spring. In addition it will also help you get into better shape for winter sports like backcountry skiing and mountaineering. Who doesn’t want to get a jumpstart on getting your ski legs back? If you are venturing deeper or higher into the mountains, make sure to stay safe while you’re out there by checking the forecast, dressing in layers, bringing plenty of food and water, and going with a friend or two.

Morning run on Mount Timpanogos

Go south and explore some deserts

For those of us out west, this is an awesome time of year to head south and explore some deserts. The daytime temperatures in the deserts of popular destinations such as Red Rocks, Moab, and Joshua Tree are still very pleasant. You will want to make sure you bring some warm layers for the nights and mornings when visiting higher altitude deserts though. Night time temperatures can drop a lot and so it is better to be prepared than to shiver through the night. Fall is a primetime for desert activities ranging from bouldering to mountain biking to hiking. For those interested in more historical and cultural sites and want to avoid the summer tourist crowds, Mesa Verde National Park, Chaco Canyon, and Hovenweep National Monument are all great destinations to visit.

Mesa Verde National Park

Get into yoga

If you’re looking for an activity to do after work when the daylight and temperatures are fading, yoga can be a great option. It not only feels good after a stressful day of work, but it can be an excellent time to center your body and mind as you transition seasons. Many people’s health is affected by seasonal changes and the health benefits from yoga have been widely noted. It's also a great form of exercise that can be done both indoors and outdoors depending on the weather. As we are still in a pandemic, you may need to check and see what studios and instructors are doing to follow local health guidelines. Many are still able to operate with some adjustments. Yoga is also a great activity that you can do at home by yourself or outside with a friend or two.

Like any other time of the year, it is always safest and the most fun to be active or venture into the outdoors with friends. We may not be able to help connect you to other adventurers this fall, but soon outdoorpals will be a great place to meet and adventure with other people who share similar outdoor interests. Follow us on Instagram for updates and information about the app! Until then, we hope to see you out there!