outdoorpals in the Media

Over the last couple months, we've had some tremendous support from various people in our local community and within the outdoors community. As we prepare to launch, we wanted to devote a short blog post to some of the great coverage and support we've received. Below are some articles, news clips, and a podcast that outdoorpals has been featured in.

BYU Daily Universe

The first coverage we received was from the institution where we all met. The BYU universe did an interview with us as part of their metro desk coverage. We all agreed that outdoorpals will be a great resources for all college students as they seek to meet and make lifelong friends. Thank you to Emily Atwood for the article!


Wasatch Magazine

Our second artice comes courtesy of Wasatch Magazine, which is an outdoor magazine sponsored by the University of Utah. As two of the outdoorpals founders are proud residents of Salt Lake City, reaching out to them for an article just made sense. The best part was getting an excuse to go ice climbing to get some sweet photos for the article.



KSL TV is a local television station that is popular throughout Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Arizona. Thanks to Dan Spindle of KSL TV, Bobby and Kevin were able to sit down with him (virtually) to explain the purpose of the app and the value we see for people with it. Linked below is both a copy of the clip that aired on the news as well as a short article about it.


Outdoor Biz Podcast

Rick Saez hosts a great podcast dedicated to companies connected to the outdoors. This longer format, two episode podcast interview gave Josh and Bobby and chance to sit down with Rick and explain the outdoorpals story more in depth. We also got to discuss the functionality and features of the app as well as our experience developing it. Take a listen!



Upcoming Full Beta Launch!

Its been quite the journey getting the outdoorpals app ready to launch but we are excited to let you know that it is almost ready! Development has taken longer than originally anticipated, but we would rather release a polished app than a rushed app that impacts user engagement. If you have not already signed up for the beta launch, do so now to reserve a spot and enjoy the benefits of outdoorpals totally free!

We are excited for outdoorpals to become the premier app for helping you find outdoor friends and fellow adventurers. We can all use some more outdoor friends to enjoy nature with, so we look forward to seeing you on it soon!