Tips for Meeting New Outdoor Friends

Outdoorpals is the best app for meeting new friends to do outdoor activities with. Whether your sport is skiing or fishing, outdoorpals has you covered. Meeting new people is be fun and exciting and there are some tips for helping it go well. These tips not only help with keeping activities less awkward, but also safer and more fun for everyone involved. In addition to these tips, check out our Safety Section ( for more tips on how to be safe while using outdoorpals.

Make basic introductions beforehand

You don't want an outdoor activity to feel like a totally blind date. Though you may not know everyone in the group personally yet, make your introductions and have some small talk before hand. It will help set the tone for the activity and will make those initial moments less awkward. The plus side is you know that you'll have some interests in common and you've got the activity to help structure your early interactions. Tell the group about your experience level and what you're looking for in the activity. In the outdoorpals app, everyone who is accepted into the activity will join a private group message. From here you'll have an easy and safe way to communicate with the other participants. Introduce yourself to everyone and share a little bit about yourself. It will go a long way in starting things off on the right foot.

Coordinate the details before meeting up

Make sure everyone is on the same page with the activity before you start. Use the group chat function through the outdoorpals app to talk about important details such as equipment, pace, and activity specifics. Being prepared is important for having a good time and being safe. This is especially true of gear heavy sports or longer outings. Don't assume everyone is thinking the same things. If you're going into the backcountry, make sure people know how long you're expecting to be out there so that everyone can be prepared. No one wants to be on hour three of an event you were expecting to only last two hours without adequate food and water. Things will go better if there aren't surprises. Make sure everyone knows the plan and is comfortable with it. No one wants to show up to a rock climbing activity only to realize no one brought a rope. Outdoorpals makes it easy to coordinate these details through our event page and the private group chat for those involved.

Make sure everyone has the same expectations

Everyone approaches activities differently. It is important for the group to talk about what their expectations are before meeting up. Are you going on a hike for a workout with a strenuous pace or are you looking for a leisurely time? Is this a mentor/newbie activity or a group of experienced adventurers pushing themselves? It may seem like a little thing that won't create problems, but no one wants to feel like they can't keep up with everyone else. Be upfront and transparent with what you are trying to get out of the activity, but also be willing to be flexible and adjust those expectations as necessary. Once the activity is underway, it is best to communicate clearly when needing to reassess those expectations.

Be gracious with others and come with a good attitude

Meeting up with new people can be uncomfortable for some. Combat this by coming with a good attitude and express thanks for the other people in the group. The other people in the group are helping you do the things you love. They're not going to be perfect but they are still deserving of your thanks. If everyone comes in with this attitude, it will help people feel comfortable and have more fun during the activity. Doing things together is one of the best ways to create new friendships, so who knows when you might be meeting a new friend. Treat everyone with that in mind and enjoy the time you get with them.

Whether you just moved to a new place or haven't been involved in the great outdoors before, outdoorpals wants to help connect you with adventure friends. The sign up to be a beta tester for the app is now open and can be found at Stay up to date with us, take part in giveaways, and and see more exciting content on our Instagram page ( See you out there!